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RAW Converter 2.1 for macOS


Nowadays, more and more cameras support shooting in their RAW format, but the RAW format varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and most devices do not support them, also they are too large to share with friends. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the RAW photo into a common format. The RAW Converter software supports most popular cameras. It can quickly convert any raw format to a common format in batches, such as JPEG.

RAW Converter for mac is a simple, yet powerful tool for mac that can convert any raw images to a common format, such as JPG. It supports all popular raw formats of the camera, such as NEF, KDC, CRW, DNG etc. It also gives you the ability to batch convert raw photos and save them to jpg, jpeg2000, bmp, gif, png, tiff.

Key feature:

Supports drag-n-drop

Supports a large number of RAW file format 

Very high conversion quality

Supports batch conversion

Supported cameras and format

Supported output file format:


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