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WP Brain v1.3.4 – WordPress Logic Controller


Use the power of WP Brain to control when and where your website content will be visible and who can see it. Including pages and posts content, menu items and widgets

✔ GDPR Compliance Helper:
Using the GeoLocalization filters, WP Brain will help you show the GDPR related content, menus and widgets only if the visitors are from the European continent

✔ Content Visibility:
Control the visibility of content using the IF and ELSE shortcodes

✔ Menu Items Visibility:
Show and hide menu items using your custom filters presets

✔ Widgets Visibility:
Use the logic system to control the visibility of widgets

✔ Target Devices:
You can control the content to show for each and any device

✔ Geo Location:
It was never easier to show or hide content based users location

✔ Date and Time:
Limit the visibility of elements based on date and time interval

✔ Users Targeting:
Show elements only for some users or for some user roles

✔ Page Redirect:
Redirect your visitors to other page with the help of filters

✔ Pages and Posts:
WP Brain can filter content and elements based on pages and posts

✔ Archives and Categories:
Display something only on some posts archives and categories

✔ Unlimited Filters:
You have access to a free and large library of custom filters to use

✔ Customizable:
WP Brain is fully customizable with custom filters and API hooks

✔ Flexibility:
WP Brain offer flexible and can be adapted to all your needs

✔ No Coding Required:
Do almost anything with the builtin features without writing any code

✔ Compatibility:
We release regular updates to stay compatible with latest WordPress

✔ Free Extensions:
We will release free add-ons to allow third-party integrations

What Made WP Brain Unique?

✔ Multilevel conditions builder
✔ Custom filters generator
✔ Advanced data sources for custom filters
✔ Include PHP and HTML files in your posts
✔ Custom post types support
✔ Content loop shortcode
✔ Custom reusable presets
✔ Trigger WordPress hooks
✔ Compatible with multilingual plugins
✔ Premium and reliable support
✔ Easy shortcodes builder
✔ Free lifetime updates
✔ Easy to learn and use
✔ Clean, secure and optimized source code
✔ Online knowledge base (coming soon)
✔ Online filters library (coming soon)

30+ Built-in Logic Filters

WP Brain come with lot of handy and useful filters out of the box, you can achieve unlimited possibilities with these built-in filters, all you have to do is find the right combination for your logic conditions.


✓ Page: show content only on some specific website pages
✓ Page Template: show content based on page templates
✓ Page Type (NEW): show content based on page type (archive, frontpage, blog…)
✓ Post Type: filter content visibility based on post type
✓ Taxonomy: show content only in some taxonomy archives
✓ Pagination Number (NEW): show content only in some current archive pagination
✓ HTTP Referer (NEW): show content based on current page HTTP referer

System Detection

✓ Device: show different content on different devices
✓ Operating system: control content for each operating system
✓ Browser: control content visibility based on the visitor’s browser
✓ Browser version: control content visibility based on the visitor’s browser version


✓ Logged in: show content only for logged in members
✓ User: filter content by specific user IDs
✓ Role: this filter help you target members based on their role

Date and Time

✓ Datetime (NEW): show content for specific datetime range
✓ Date: show content for specific date range
✓ Time: show content during a time period
✓ Minute: control the visibility of elements by the clock minute
✓ Hour: control the visibility of elements by the clock hour
✓ Day: control the visibility of elements by the calendar day
✓ Day of week: control the visibility of elements by the day of week
✓ Month: control the visibility of elements by months
✓ Year: control the visibility of elements by year

GeoPlugin Location

✓ Country: display content based on the visitor country
✓ EU Member (NEW): restrict content to EU cityzens
✓ Region: restrict content visibility only to some region or states
✓ City: restrict visibility based on the visitor’s city
✓ Continent: restrict content visibility only to some continents
✓ Latitude: restrict content visibility based on proxitive latitude
✓ Longitude: restrict content visibility based on proxitive longitude
✓ IP Address: restrict content visibility using the IP address of the visitor

Powerful and easy to use shortcodes

Shortcodes are the most important part in WP Brain as they offer content visibility control within the page and post editors. With the shortcodes generator that come with WP Brain you don’t have to remember the shortcodes syntax, and it also support WPBakery’s Visual Composer out of the box.

Extend WP Brain with your custom filters

By using the custom filters manager tool bundled within WP Brain settings page, you will be able to extend the logic validator with your own filters without writing a line of code. The filters are based on common data sources used by marketing experts like form fields, URL parameters, cookies, functions etc.

Save your time with the filters presets manager

WP Brain presets manager is a tool that help you save time by grouping commonly used filters, these filters can be applied easily in any element you want. Whenever a modification is required, you can change these filters in one place instead of editing each element or page that depends on them.

GDPR Compliance

WP Brain does not store any user data, but it only helps you use the existing stored data to show targeted content to your visitors.



Notice this:

This WordPress Plugin/Theme is only uploaded for testing and educational purpose. If you have not liked some work after buying it, you do not get a refund. Therefore, it is okay to test it before buying, but if you like, please we request that you buy original as a developer’s work. All Themes/Plugins are 100% virus free and 100% nulled.

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